Hedge Traders

Hedge is one of the methods of profiting from foreign currency trading.

This method is to obtain the maximum profit in transactions with minimal risk.

As a method it only works when the market is not significant fluctuations. For example, cost remains relatively calm.

Also, traders say: "Make a million can only conclude million transactions."

Hedge Methods

1.Trading with the trend:

a) Breakout game: fast removal of the scalp in the breakdown of the range of price fluctuations in both directions for a short time period.

b) Throughout the course of short periods when the market price fluctuations occur. For example at 10:00 and at 15:00 New York time.

2. Trading against the trend: Transactions are made at certain times during the trading session, when the direction of price changes on the market is not certain.

3. Trade in the direction of the trend: Trade on pullbacks.